Restoration through Massage...

List of Services

Massage is generally used for the treatment of body stress, pain, wellness, and restoration. Massage can also aid in physical recovery, detoxification, and tissue repair.  Other benefits when it comes to massage therapy is used for mental health. More people today are using massage therapy as part of their mental health care regimen, to create a balance withing the Body & Mind. 

Massage Services (this includes taxes)

60 Minute Massage Swedish/Therapeutic  ~ $65.00

90 Minute Massage Swedish/Therapeutic  ~ $90.00

120 Minute Massage Swedish/ Therapeutic  ~ $120.00

30 Minute Massage  Swedish/Therapeutic  ~ $30.00


Aromatherapy ~ $5 (added to any service)

Heat & Ice (Prossage/BioFreeze) ~ $5 (added to any service)

CBD Oil (THC/ THC Free) ~ $10 (added to any service)

Hot Stones ~ $20 (added to a 60/90 minute service)