About Us

Restore. Rejuvenate. Renew.

Welcome to Body & Mental Recovery Massage. Your journey to wholeness and restoration begins here. Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Tonya Turner, has been serving Mason, Sharonville, Blue Ash, Monroe, West Chester, Liberty Township, Anderson, Eastgate and the greater Cincinnati Ohio since 2008. Tonya enjoys the healing and restorative touch that only massage therapy can bring to families, couples, students and the elderly.  

Tonya works with people to provide massage therapy that can remove stress from the mind, reboot healing in the body, or just be a part of your wellness journey with a customized personal wellness plan. Folks have expressed their joy and excitement with Tonya's approach to wholeness restoration, mental wellness, mental recovery, physical recovery, and even detoxification and removing stress.  

Are you ready to take the step to move closer toward restoring, re-balancing and renewing? Do you want more fulfillment and joy in your life through relief from muscle tension? How about reduced athletic recovery times? Contact Tonya now for an appointment and start your wellness journey toward restoration and recovery through massage!